ALASKA DOG POLLOCK OIL BOX  (Hair & Skin Maintenance) -

ALASKA DOG POLLOCK OIL BOX (Hair & Skin Maintenance)

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ALASKA DOG POLLOCK OIL BOX; Hair & Skin Maintenance Wild Alaska Pollock Oil aids dogs in the natural process of achieving a shiny coat and healthy skin. This pure low heat oil, made in our certified plants, is formulated using only Wild Alaska Pollock-fresh caught in the pristine waters of The Bering Sea by our certified processing ships. Wild Alaska Pollock Oil has a unique ratio of more EPA and less DHA, this ratio makes this product a skin and coat specialist as it quickly works to support healthy skin, coat, and control inflammation. Our Wild Alaska Pollock Oil is a dedicated supplement that gives you levels of bioavailable omega 3 long-chain fatty acids that cannot be achieved by heat processed pellets, kibble, soft canned or dehydrated foods. Our oils partner with raw diets nicely!