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DDW BLOG Post #0010

DDW presents to you the Top 4 Dog Products available within the United States. This is supported through personal experience and great reviews from other dog parents. Hopefully, this BLOG post can be a great tool in your support for your pet's best life. 


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The DoggieLawn : It has been my experience, the disposable Wee Wee Pads are perfect for the hard floors.  If you have rugs and you find the dogs are gravitating towards using the rugs to pee on use Washable Chucks . The key to cleaning washables is Vinegar.  The Washable Chucks would give the same idea of texture that the pups are attracted to and similar to the rugs. The DoggieLawn is an exceptional product and comes from a great company. According to DoggieLawn, "Our REAL grass has none of the drawbacks! Natural grass neutralizes odors. Low maintenance! Lasts weeks, not hours! Green-bin friendly, great for the planet, and our standard size is CHEAPER than the competitors!"..."Our standard lawn is LESS EXPENSIVE. We also deliver more bang for your buck! Complimentary gloves in all grass orders, poo bags and a training kit for first-time subscribers, and a donation to an animal shelter with each new signup."  These companies are my kind of companies!

Read DDW BLOG "Wee Wee Pad Dilemma" to learn more!

Car Carrier: Have you ever had to stop short in your vehicle to avoid an accident? Have you ever been in an accident? My point is, it happens often enough and your pets deserve to be protected, as well. I highly recommend a car carrier. Click the image to the right for DDW favorite which comes in two sizes. This keeps them from propelling in the car. It is also a better idea to get them used to this early on.  If you do not, they may protest every future car ride by crying or wining. Riding in the car could actually turn into a very anxious event for them. Anxious behavior is hard to break.


Healthy Paws Is DDW Top Pick For Accident/ Illness Insurance: I have personally used Healthy Paws which is why I am happy to feature it here for my top recommendation. What sold me was the "NO CAP" policy as it also offered competitive monthly rates. "NO CAP" means that they do not set a limit on their payout.  Each claim submitted gets a 2 day processing time and is easy to submit, you can even have your vet submit the bill for you. I have listed their other qualifications below. If this is a financial strain for you I strongly advise you to at least consider the first couple of years of life during which time, their small size makes them vulnerable to accidents.  This is also a better idea to cover any surprise congenital diseases that may appear early on as you will not be covered if its a pre-existing condition or considered related to that condition in any way.

Read DDW BLOG Post "Pet Insurance and FInancing High Vet Bills" to learn more!


Benefits of Healthy Paws, a DDW Favorite:

Healthy Paws Insurance1) They are top-rated pet insurance and have a 98% satisfaction rating based on pet parent reviews; 2) They offer no annual, no lifetime and no per-incident maximums on payouts; 3) With every free quote, they donate to help homeless pets; and, 4) Fast, easy claims with no forms to fill out.  A Mobile App or online Customer Center can be used to submit claims.  You can also customize your monthly premium by simply choosing a reimbursement level and an annual deductible that fits your budget.  CLICK ON IMAGE TO GET A FREE QUOTE FROM HEALTHY PAWS!




CBD Oil, specifically, HempMy Pet™ is a DDW favorite.  It continues to be the only pet label clinically studied and recommended by Veterinarians.  Furthermore, according to customer testimonials and studies done by veterinarians, HempMy Pet has helped to alleviate health concerns like anxiety, seizures, stressors, joint pain, arthritis, weight loss and has even been known to shrink certain forms of tumors from cancer.


HempMy Pet cbd oil ddw blog


  • If your dog likes treat, you can go with the cookies, your choice of small or large.
  • Does your dog like coconut? HempMy Pet products also come in Certified Organic Coconut Oil Infused with Hemp Extract offered at 100mg and 500mg both in a 5 oz jar. This is a product you would put in their food.
  • For non-coconut lovers,  Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil infused with Hemp Seed Extract offered at 250mg or 1000mg both in a 1 oz bottle. This is also a product you would put in their food, however, for the best potency give straight from the dropper.
  • Use PROMO CODE DDW10 for 10% off.
Go to the DDW BLOG Post, "CBD Oil Is Taking Over" to learn more.



Many dog experts say that a dog that is acting out or has bad habits is not the fault of the dog, but the owner.  Please educate yourself as a dog owner, in the long run, you will have a happy house and a well-adjusted dog always eager to please.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog while training just like you would a mischievous child.  This way you can be consistent with your training.  Give high praise when the pup is doing well and a firm NO when he/she isn't.  Please do not hit your pups, your dog should not fear you!

Remember CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE....Best of luck, Kimberly





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