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How DO I Get My Dog to Use the Wee Wee Pad?? 

I have heard this question time and again. We may be using wee wee pads for different reasons: a tiny dog has a tiny bladder, some dogs have bladder control issues, some dogs may be left home longer than we would like while we go to work.  Whatever the reason is...those wee wee pads, whether disposables or washables, come in handy and are a great option for your pet!!!

NaturVet- a potty training aid for both indoor/ and outdoor use can safely be recommended.  

I started spraying the pad in the center with NaturVet to attract my pups to the center (we all deal with that pup that likes to pee on the edge, too..what a mess!!). Most importantly, you have to stop cleaning the surrounding areas with any cleaners that have ammonia in it, otherwise, you will confuse the dog AND waste your time and efforts.  I would highly suggest an entire proper cleaning of the house before you make your grand effort.  Please see the post regarding cleaning dog in carpeting  DDW BLOG #0002, 'Dogs and Carpets'.

One of the challenges I have heard over and over is that the pup chews up the paper wee wee pads.  There are washable pads available to use as an option. Another frequent question is: "How do I figure out where to place the wee wee pads?".   A good way to do this is to lay out the wee wee pads all over and slowly start to remove them.  Your pup will determine its favorite places to go and this will be visible to you, hopefully. (If not, buy a blacklight and this will make everything more obvious to you).  Eventually, you will be able to  know the exact best placement for these pads.


Many dog experts say that a dog that is acting out or has bad habits is not the fault of the dog, but the owner.  Please educate yourself as a dog owner, in the long run, you will have a happy house and a well adjusted dog always eager to please.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog while training just like you would a mischievous child.  This way you can be consistent with your training.  Give high praise when the pup is doing well and a firm NO when he/she isn't.  Please do not hit your pups, your dog should not fear you!

Remember CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE....Best of luck, Kimberly

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Disclaimer:  If your pup is showing any signs of illness and you are concerned, please seek the advice of a professional veterinarian immediately. The DDW blog posts are made up of opinions and suggestions that derive from personal experience, general knowledge and research.  These posts are written in hopes to help another furball family, but it is never a guarantee because everyone would be facing different variables to what seems like a similar situation.  

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