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Why HempMY Pet Is a DDW Favorite

HempMy Pet is a DDW favorite for many reasons, one is that it is independently tested.  According to customer testimonials & studies done by veterinarians, HempMy Pet has helped to alleviate health challenges like anxiety, seizures, mobility, stressors, joint pain, arthritis, weight loss & has even been known to shrink certain forms of tumors from cancer in dogs.  Please refer to DDW BLOG post, 'CBD OIL IS TAKING OVER' to learn more. Use PROMO CODE DDW20 for your CBD product discount; during this international pandemic. Choosing a new product can be overwhelming, we also provide answers on what you should look for in a good CBD oil & how to narrow down your options.


We are happy about the success of our DDW BLOG!! We have been effectively covering the most talked about challenges & issues when it comes to your dogs.  With some helpful tips & direction to help guide you, you may now be further from frustration. Now you can enjoy the companionship of your dog more! BLOG postsCBD Oil Is Taking OverDogs and Managing Their AnxietyPet Insurance & Financing High Vet BillsWee Wee Pad DilemmaDogs & Carpets: A CLEANING GUIDE, Find The Right Family Dog, Bringing Puppy Home Checklist...and MORE, See Below.


Why Healthy Paws is a DDW Favorite

Healthy Paws is a top-rated pet insurance with a 98% satisfaction rating based on pet parent reviews. They offer no annual, no lifetime & no per-incident maximums on payouts. (When comparing other insurance companies, compare CAP!) With every free quote, they donate to help homeless pets.  They allow for fast, easy claims with no forms to fill out.  Moreover,  a Mobile App or online Customer Center can be used to submit claims. Finally, you can customize your monthly premium by simply choosing a reimbursement level & an annual deductible that fits your budget.